To Infinity - Smells Like Maturity by Alex Correa and Khaiam Dar

In researching for this comic I discovered that Guardian was actually born in London, Ontario. Can you believe that? Or are you more shocked about the fact I'd do research for a three panel comic? How's this for shocking: I came up with the idea for this one just a few days before the opening game. Khaiam and I dawdled a bit on this one because we were focusing our attention on another (slated to go up next week) until we saw the result of the first game. Boston won by a comfortable margin and we decided not to put it off any longer just in case, you know... The Leafs lose the series. Okay, relax! I know this is a Toronto-based comic but the team's going to need a cosmic cube to get any further.

And there goes whatever followers we had.

-Alex C.