Something Brewing (Part One) - Grown Ups (or a Reasonable Facsimile) by Alex Correa and Khaiam Dar

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So the title for this arc is not a fart joke. At all. Just the appropriate title for this arc and where it's headed. I'm SERIOUS. Not a fart joke this time. Plenty of them coming, though.

Had some help with the dialogue on this one. Can't quite remember who. But I'm sure it'll come to me. :-)

Also, this arc deals quite a bit with Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer awareness (capitalizing it, not sure why). The fact that it came out in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) was actually unintentional but very welcome as I can actually promote its relevance. See, it's not all fart jokes around here. Here's a place you can donate to Breast Cancer Research:

- Alex C.