Samoflange - Smells Like Maturity by Alex Correa and Khaiam Dar

Don't know what's cheaper, the Def Leppard drummer joke or the way we decided to wrap up the whole Avengers Arena arc. The entire point of the comics were to point out that the series takes place in a VR simulation (five issues away from the conclusion and we are still positive that is the case) but it just sort of got legs of its own. Especially with Mettle involved. Can't help but love that face, even though it sort of looks like Red Skull. I suppose they're sort of similar except for the obvious not-a-Nazi thing that Mettle has in his favour.

Now that we wrapped this semester/season/arc up, we'll be updating the site weekly with new content. And check out our comic in stands across Toronto. We're working on a graphic novel release for sometime during the summer, so there's also that.

-Alex C.