More To Love (Part Five) - Grown Ups (or a Reasonable Facsimile) by Alex Correa and Khaiam Dar

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This here is one of my biggest pet peeves. Is it yours too? I'm a big fan of learning how to do well on mid-terms and finals, so anything that impedes in the process of doing so is - to me - unwelcome. I understand participation marks are a whopping 5 percent and blah blah blah but seriously, with two minutes left in class do you really have to share your opinion on something the rest of the class is going to hate you for? I'm sure mommy and daddy gave you a steady flow of pats on the back for expressing yourself but give it a rest, huh? Yeah, I'm a bit older and yeah, I'm a bit curmudgeony. What's it to ya?

-Alex C.