Let's Be Friends Again (Part Two) - Smells Like Maturity by Alex Correa and Khaiam Dar

Isn't that something? Finn, Jake and Jessica Nigri in the same comic. You can tell that this truly was my brainchild.

The Toronto Comic Con came and went with as much gusto and fanfare as ever. It was great to see some friends, meet new people (look up Sanya Anwar and Ron Guyatt RIGHT NOW), and make the discovery that chasing bargains wasn't my primary concern. Oh no, there is networking, right? Building a presence? Sharing our (Khaiam included) work? And, if I may be honest with everyone, also looking for those ever elusive Archer cosplayers. Impossible to find for some reason. Almost makes me want to go out and do it myself. That's right, finding that black or slightly-darker-black turtleneck and modify into a tactineck. I may have just have to.

- Alex