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    Fantastic Four #1 by Ammar Al Subahi

    Publisher: Marvel
    Writer: Matt Fraction
    Artist: Mark Bagley
    Colorist: Paul Mounts
    Inker: Mark Farmer

    Rating: 4/5

    Premise: Reed Richards prepares to take the entire extended family for a long field trip through time and space both. But unbeknownst to the others, this trip isn't all about adventure and education...

    Fantastic Four recently had an incredible run helmed by Jonathan Hickman which introduced fan favourites such as the Future Foundation and The Council of Reed Richards that has set a mark on the title for the foreseeable future. Pretty hard to top that. But Marvel seems intent on maintaining the quality of the book, so they've put fan favourite Matt Fraction and comics legend Mark Bagley on it.

    And I thought they did splendid work! The writing feels on point, Fraction is tapping into the core concepts that make the FF; family, adventure, exploration, and SCIENCE! Solid enough characterization of each FF member to make them distinct and recognizable. Nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, but solid enough. But maybe more importantly, this issue was fun.

    Thus making Bagley the perfect choice for art duties on this. He's a personal hero of mine and was pencilling Spiderman waaaay back when I first got into comics. His art just so smooth and so clean and unpretentious... perfect for the tone of this story. And the collaborative efforts of Mounts and Farmer really bring out the best of his work.

    A welcomed change in tone, and a great introduction to the Fantastic Four if you're new.