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    Punisher: War Zone #1 by Ammar Al Subahi

    Publisher: Marvel
    Writer: Greg Rucka
    Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
    Colors: Matt Hollingsworth

    Rating: 3/5

    Premise: After Punisher is accused of killing a couple of cops, Spiderman decides to take him down once and for all.

    The Punisher is one of those dark horse characters from Marvel that turned out to be somewhat a moderate success. The character, originally introduced as Spiderman villain, rose in popularity as he got more appearances across the Marvel universe until he got his own mini, which then lead to his own -- and not just one, but several -- ongoing series. While never as big a financial success as the likes of Wolverine, The Punisher has maintained a cult following, and even attracted some serious critical acclaim with the recent run by writer Garth Ennis, which I highly recommend.

    This time it's writer Greg Rucka's turn at the table as the writer of Punisher, and this mini marks the end of his run. But will this be bogged down by past events from his run, or does it work on its own as a stand-alone mini? Read on.

    Punisher has always operated under a strict code. And one of the tenets of this code is that he doesn't kill cops. Period. Or so Spiderman thought. But what really ticks him off, is that Punisher used Spidey's webshooters to do so (which he stole, I presume). Maybe the Punisher got framed, maybe he finally snapped. Spiderman doesn't care, it's time to retire this bum.

    Of course, things don't go according to plan, as has often been the case whenever Spiderman has tried to take down the Punisher for good. However, this time, he has some powerful allies to call on in the Avengers...

    I quite liked this book. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing deep or the likes, just some great, fun, action. Di Giandomenico draws great action and seems like a great fit for this type of a straightforward story.

    There were some minor issues I had with this issue that were not so important now, but might play out to have more severe repercussions down the line. We'll see. But other than that I thought this was pretty good stuff for what it is: a Punisher vs Avengers mini event that requires minimal previous knowledge of past events and is easy to get into.

    This is a fun book that promises great action. Let's hope it delivers.