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The Good, The Bad, & The Meh by Alex Correa

The Good

America's Got Powers 1 (Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch)

Pegged as Hunger Games with superpowers, this book is worth buying for Hitch's artwork alone, quite honestly. However, there's enough action and intrigue in the very first issue to keep me hooked for the rest of the six issue series.

Batman Annual 1 (Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Jason Fabok)

Now here's one of the few times I've seen DC actually reboot a character's origin in the ten month time period that they've rebooted all their franchises. The target: Mr. Freeze. The twist: something too shocking to ruin for you guys but believe me, it's a must read. There's echoes of Paul Dini's classic Batman: The Animated Series episode "Heart of Ice" but with an added edge that just wouldn't work on a television show geared towards children.

Walking Dead 98 (Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard)

Yes, I know I've been somewhat shitting on the book for the past few months but, you know what? I'm a harsh critique because I've been enjoying it for so long and I don't like to see Kirkman get complacent with his story, which has been my feeling towards the book so far. What changed this past issue to bring it up to the "GOOD" pile? A lot of spoilery stuff that I won't get into but I will say that there's a new villain as well as a fatality. I just hope the story won't be rushed just so they can do something major for the 100th issue. We'll see.

Batman Incorporated 1 (Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham)

Continuing his stellar work in the Bat-verse, Morrison teams up with relative unknown, Chris Burnham, to deliver what is, in my mind, the strongest first issue that Morrison has been a part of during his tenure on Batman. Best of all are Burnham's storytelling and panel-work. Probably best I've seen all month and I look forward to seeing more.

Spider-Men 1 (Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Picelli)

Okay, this book hasn't even come out yet but I'm saving a spot for it right here.

The Bad

AvsX 2 (A bunch of people)

So we have several pages of Captain America fighting Gambit only to have the same fight repeated in "Wolverine & the X-Men" and "Avengers vs X-Men," respectively. With the same outcome. So what is the point of this series, exactly? What's that? Money? Oh, right.

Avengers vs X-Men 4 (A slew of writers & John Romita Jr)

So little substance that I feel this would have been the perfect crossover for an era like the 90's. Why would they even -- oh yeah, money.

The Meh

X-Men Legacy 267 (Christos Gage & Rafa Sandoval)

It's interesting to see Rogue's evolution as a character from her first appearance as an Avengers villain to her current role as a hero fighting the Avengers for a just cause. It makes for an interesting twist on the repetitive issues of tedious fighting between the X-Men and Avengers.

Supercrooks 2 & 3 (Mark Millar & Lienil Yu)

"The Bastard" is the villain's name! THE BASTARD. Oh, Millar...