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The Good, The Bad, & The Meh by Alex Correa

Alright, guys. New rule. I'm going to pump these out quickly because there are just so many books that come out each week. Nothing at all with me running late on reviews! Just... shh... Believe me.

The Good:

Green Lantern 9 (Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke)

This book has been completely hit and miss with me since it restarted but this month's issue was surprisingly really damn good. The Indigo Tribe (think Indigo Lantern Corps… yeah, I know), which has been the focus of the current arc, has been such a drain on the story. There was always this feeling that none of the members had their own personality (as I still feel about the Blue Corps and mostly all of the Star Sapphires) but this issue reveals that there's a reason: they're brainwashed villains! Bravo, Johns. I'm putting this in the "Good" category not because I particularly care about the reveal, but because it shows that it was Johns' intention to write them as zombies and not, you know, bad writing.

Action Comics 9 (Grant Morrison & Gene Ha)

Not only does this issue feature Gene Ha's (Top Ten) amazing artwork but it features the black Superman from Earth-how-the-fuck-should-I-know? With absolutely no setup, Morrison just goes and decides to feature an issue based on a completely different Superman than the one featured in the series thus far. It ends up being a terrific stand alone issue that's chockfull of the hard sci-fi that Morrison writes so well. A welcome change of pace, but how about focusing on the actual Superman? He's the one in need of a facelift to appeal to a younger audience.

Batman 9 (Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo)

This series has been insane since it started and hasn't slowed down at all. Nine issues in and the pieces have all started to come together. Scott Snyder has created such an original and creative piece of the Batman mythos that it's going to be interesting to see what he does as a follow up. This series is definitely the best of the superhero stuff from the 52.

Ultimate Spider-Man 10 (Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez)

This book is still as fun and clever as it was when it first started. This issue is setting up something major and the anticipation is huge. I mean, what's a Spider-Man without a tragic death?

The Bad

Marvel and DC's Free Comic Book Day Offerings

Bullshit. I got a free copy of a book I paid five dollars for a few months ago (thanks, Marvel) and DC is just putting out an issue that's a confusing and overly-elaborate plug for their next crossover. Yes, I know, "Shut up and take it. It's free." But so is herpes (sort of). And I don't want none of that.

That's it!

It's been a pretty good month for comics. That or I just stopped reading the bad ones.

The Meh

Avengers vs X-Men 3 (A load of writers & John Romita Jr)

The much anticipated Captain America vs Wolverine fight ends with... Giant Man interfering and throwing Wolvie out of a plane. This isn't wrestling, guys. You can think of something more creative.

X-Men Legacy 266 (Chrisos Gage & Rafael Sandoval)

The Avengers crash the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning and I am so sick of the way everyone is writing Rogue now. She's this silent and introspective character that lacks the charm and fun that she used to have years prior to this. If I wanted to read Batman, I'd read Batman and if I wanted to read a mutant version of Batman, I'd read whatever book Cyclops is in.

Earth 2 #1 (James Robinson & Nicola Scott)

I don't want to say that they should give up completely on the JSA characters, but at this point it seems like only the writers are clamouring for books featuring them. Regardless of my petty bias, this book was pretty entertaining and a nice way of setting up a story about characters I don't care about.