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Captain America #2 by Ammar Al Subahi

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Steve McNiven
Inker: Jay Leisten & Dexter Vines
Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Overall: 4/5 Stars

Premise: Cap has traced Agent Bravo back to a Hydra facility. And more is revealed about why Bravo wants revenge.

Last issue we found out that the failed assasination on Dum Dum was just a ruse, meant to make Cap & co look up Jimmy Jupiter, an elderly comatose man who was somehow also involved in the failed WW2 mission that Bravo was on. Cap and his friends inadvertently reveal Jimmy's location to Hydra, who are now working along with Agent Bravo. Hydra kidnaps Jimmy right in front of Captain America, and this issue we find out who Jimmy really is and what exactly went wrong on that mission. Meanwhile, new players are also introduced.

Remember last review when I said that there was no big hook to this series? Yeah... this issue basically slaps my last review in the face as Brubaker goes Inception with Captain America. Without revealing too much; this is easily the most over-the-top that Captain America has been for years. And at first, I really wasn't sure how to take this (especially considering the last page: What. The. Hell?). But now, I think I can get behind with this new approach, actually.

What really sells this new direction for me is the artwork. Because of it's lighter and more "comic booky" tone (compared to the artwork featured in the earlier Captain America book written by Brubaker), the artwork manages to sell you in on the tonal transition to a more overtly super heroish direction. It really captures the "fantastical" elements being introduced and naturally incorporates it along with the established "action-oriented" tone of the book. And I love Hydra's new design, by the way. Two issues in, and I'm already a big fan of the art team.

Two new inkers were introduced in this issue, but I personally couldn't really notice any difference in the inking from the first issue. Feel free to comment if there's something I've missed.

The art bumps an initial rating of 3 Stars into 4 Stars. And next issue promises a spectacular opportunity for McNiven and Ponsor to shine even more.