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Captain America #4 by Ammar Al Subahi

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Steve McNiven
Inker: Jay Leisten
Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Overall: 4/5 stars

Premise: Captain America is trapped in the dream world together with Agent Bravo. Meanwhile, Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, and the Falcon race to find the whereabouts of Hydra so they can save their friend.

Last issue we found out what Zemo and Bravo were plotting for Cap, and this issue we see the full extent of their plans. It's your typical "rule the world"-type of scheme that we've seen plenty of times before, but done in a refreshing new way. I tip my hat to Brubaker for keeping it all simple and still making it very engaging. Bravo's character and motivation is fleshed out a little bit, and while his overall goal is pretty standard fare supervillainy, and even so his motivation, it makes sense for that character think what he thinks. It also resonates pretty well with the world of Captain America. Simply put, this is superhero comics as it should be: classic superheroics for the modern age.

The artwork is absolutely stunning. It's as if the art team decided to compensate for the slight slip-up last issue by putting extra effort into this one. I can't recall the art on this book ever being as good as it is here.

I guess one minor issue I have is that there is no way I see Zemo going on with this plan. But maybe he has plans of his own? I guess we'll just have to stay tuned.