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Aquaman #2 by Ammar Al Subahi

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
Colorist: Rod Reis

Overall: 3/5 stars

Premise: Aquaman and Mera come face to face with the sea monsters.

This issue we get some straight up bloody action as Aquaman and his wife Mera are confronted by the sea monsters on the docks of Boston. A desperate deputy comes looking for Aquaman to help the police out with a mysterious monster attack that left an entire harbor empty. The sheriff however doesn't seem to be so keen on receiving Aquaman's help. All that changes, of course, when the monsters attack again.

I noticed something this issue, something that I apparently let slide during the last review: We don't know jack about Mera, do we? This issue we get a very much on-the-nose introduction of her powers, but other than that, what do we know about her? Maybe I'm making too much out of it, maybe you guys don't care, but I don't think it's gonna work out in the long run unless she gets fleshed out some more.

I thought overall that this issue was missing much of that magic from the last issue, that specific emotional core. We get a snippet of things to come about Aquaman's backstory, and THAT'S what hooked me, more so than the actual plot, which quite frankly still feels pretty thin. But this is an action book first and foremost. And the action here is pretty good. Reis is a great artist but it's too bad the coloring is so dark and murky this issue. Last issue definitely felt more vibrant than this one.

I'm hoping that the actual story's going to get thicker but this is still an okay read.