This is 22 Pages at the University of Toronto! We like comics! We're great! Love us! Give us money!
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About 22 Pages

Comic books, graphic novels, sequential art, modern day cave paintings - whatever you like to call them, the comic book as a medium has influenced many facets of pop culture, from movies to fashion to video games to celebrity kids' names and now a group at the University of Toronto: 22 Pages. With 22 Pages, members of the University of Toronto can now congregate in person or online to discuss topics relevant to the comic book medium. Topics can range anywhere from your favourite comic creators to who can win in a fight between your favourite superheroes.

22 Pages will also be a semi-regular publication which will feature submitted work by group members and be distributed on campus at U of T. Aspiring writers and artists are encouraged to show off their talents by creating a strip, story, or whatever their fancy. The group will also will act as a network: if you're an artist, join up to find a writer; if you're a writer, join up to find an artist; if you can do both, feel free to critique members' works. Networking is key and it is our hope that everyone will find something relevant to their interests.

Additionally, brownie points will be awarded to members who can explain the significance of the name "22 Pages."

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