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Creator Spotlight: Agnes Garbowska

Many a time we pass by artist alley at Fan Expo, or what have you, and a few talents catch our interest only to be eventually forgotten in the midst of the distraction that is the noisy and bedazzling spectacle of comic book conventions. But really, how often will you be able to see Lou Ferrigno in your lifetime? Here's a new article series, Creator Spotlight, which will highlight some of the talents who are either working their way into mainstream success or, at the very least, should be there already.

Very rarely can you find an artist whose style and body of work appeals to readers of all ages, as well as both genders. One of Toronto's foremost examples of this is also one you can usually find at any of the Toronto-based comic conventions: Agnes Garbowska. She is a prime example of an artist with the talent and dedication to be propelled into the next stratum of her professional career.

While most have their hands full working on just one web comic, Agnes dedicates her time to creating THREE of them on a regular basis. You, Me and Zombie, Waking Up Abbey and Imagination Station differ from one another tremendously in terms of plot, however they share a similar playful tone that provides her work with a child-like charm without necessarily being juvenile.

MyMisiu Gazette Volume 1 collects her work into a 72 page book that's also available for digital download. Aside from comics, her commission pieces are not to be missed as all of them provide evidence of her deep appreciation of a range of pop culture references like Game of Thrones, Star Wars and a plethora of mainstream comic book pieces.

Contact information appears on her website as well as regularly updated comics and content. Agnes Garbowska is a major player in the comics art scene of Toronto and not to be overlooked.

Main website: http://www.agnesgarbowska.com
MyMisiu: http://mymisiu.com
Tumblr: http://agnesgarbowska.tumblr.com
Twitter: @AgnesGarbowska