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Casting Call: Preacher by Alex Correa

What can be said about one of the most memorable and iconic Vertigo titles of the 90's other than its inability to find itself on the big (and small) screen? It helped redefine contemporary adult comics, was one of the hippest and cleverest books seen in that decade and helped prove to the world that there was life after Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Series' writer/creator, Garth Ennis, has since moved on to other other titles like The Boys and the Punisher, never really reaching the same level of acclaim and success as with Preacher, which garnered him several Eisner Awards for Best Writer. Since the story wrapped up neatly and with no sequels/prequels on the horizon, a revisit of a different kind may be in order. With the recent boom of comic book properties turning film, Preacher is an ideal candidate with the right combination of selling power, critical adoration and uniqueness to make it a standout movie success. Sure, it's hit some brick walls in recent times due to its offensive nature and off-the-wall surrealism, but what's the harm in casting this dream movie? The 22 Pages staff recently put their heads together in discussion (and some debate) as to who would be the perfect fit for each character. Here are our choices:


The sneer. The swagger. The take no crap attitude. Nearly all of Olyphant's performances echo what was found within the pages of Preacher, more specifically, its lead character, Jesse Custer. Still unsure? Check out his performance in Justified as a U.S. Marshal with an Old West style and sensibility. Sound familiar?


As both Jesse Custer's best friend and eventual enemy, Fassbender has displayed the range necessary to play such a morally ambiguous character as the vampire Cassidy. His performances in both X-Men: First Class and Prometheus can attest to this and being Irish also doesn't hurt.

OLIVIA WILDE as Tulip O'Hare

In the comic, Tulip O'Hare evolved from a typical damsel in distress to John McClane in a dress. This gun toting femme fatale is as dangerous as anyone in the series and needs the right actress to represent this fact. Enter: Olivia Wilde. She's proven several times over to be more than a pretty face and enough to live up to expectations of Jesse Custer's soulmate.

KEVIN SPACEY as Herr Starr

Bald, iconic comic book villain? Haven't we seen this before? The easiest choice to be made, Kevin Spacey has plenty of experience being downright evil. Instead of presenting a list of examples, you can just watch the currently running Netflix show House of Cards to catch a glimpse of what he can bring to the table.

SCOTT GLENN as Saint of Killers

Although Garth Ennis' inspiration for the character, Clint Eastwood, is a bit too old/busy talking to empty chairs, Scott Glenn would be an ideal choice for the tragic figure. Grim, grizzled and always more than willing to use a gun, Glenn is capable of delivering what it takes to play this unholy Saint.


Think about how much the filmmakers can save on makeup! All kidding aside, the former Harry Potter... Actually, there's no way to discuss this without some degree of levity. As Cassidy put it: "That fella's got a face like an arse".

JESSICA WALTER as Marie L'Angelle

The twisted matriarch of the L'Angelle family may have met her match with the twisted matriarch of the Bluth family. If we can convince through comparisons, this one may be the best one yet.